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New Feature: Allow clients to update SEO fields using PageLime

This is another quick feature post, this time, about editing SEO fields (title, keywords, description) on pages with PageLime. We’ve allowed account administrators to update page SEO fields and metadata for some time, but we were undecided on how to lay out the feature for end users. The general feedback has been split into two groups: the group that thought their clients should only have access to change the page title, and the group that thought all metadata should be exposed so that it can be managed by all PageLime users.

Our compromise is a new SEO feature that can be turned on from the Site Features screen for each site. The feature will allow PageLime users to update a page’s title, keywords, and description meta tags. Also, the SEO fields work seamlessly with Content History (if you have it enabled on a site).

To give the SEO feature a test drive, turn it on for a site as shown below:


Once the feature is enabled, a new button will appear on the Page Editor toolbar on the right:


The SEO Button

Clicking this button will bring up a overlay that allows you to update the three standard SEO fields: Page Title, Description, and Keywords. You will also notice a little preview of what a page result might look like in Google.


Ultimately, we don’t feel that this is our last play in SEO management for a site or that the user experience for the feature is 100% polished. This is just a quick release that people have been asking for, that takes care of a real user need. Next, we’ll focus on improving the user experience of the SEO form, and perhaps adding other fun SEO tools (such as keyword suggestions).

Feedback is welcome!