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April 1st: Moving Server Facilities


Dear PageLime users, we’ve recently looked at our cloud hosting energy bill, and after sifting through our accounting, determined that our main expense is air conditioning. This is unacceptable, and we decided to proactively move our entire hosting operation to a custom server facility to be built here. This move will literally cut our air conditioning costs in HALF, and allow us to offer better long-term service to our customers.

Obviously this move will take some time, so expect a few months worth of down time while we put together the expedition and explore possible approaches to what we determined to be the optimal location for the new facility. We’ve also been advised that this area does not have high speed internet access, but only AOL dial-up. While we don’t expect this to be an issue, we are building a backup cloud infrastructure, as outlined in the image below:


We’re commited to offering the best service on the market, and as such we will continue to find new ways to innovate and improve our web-app with great ideas like these. If anyone’s interested in joining our mountaineering expedition, please leave your contact details in the comments, and we’ll get in touch. Survival rate is very high… but iPhone 3G coverage is poor.

Happy April 1st.

11 Responses to “April 1st: Moving Server Facilities”

  1. Andrew Champ says:

    Very bold & risky. Godspeed my dear Lime. I love you Tom.

  2. Databoss says:

    Hey Limey –

    Have you thought about the implications of Global Warming relative to your new server facility?

    – Databoss

  3. Emil says:

    Databoss – We actually hope that our cloud servers as envisioned will reflect UV rays and act as a secondary ozone layer. If we provision enough of them that is :) .

  4. Linda says:

    Let me know when you relocate because of high heating costs. Life on the equator could get you a personal assistant on a low salary.

  5. Richard says:

    Will the edit bubbles be filled with supplemental oxygen?

  6. Emil says:

    They may indeed :)

  7. Rafael says:

    But will you be transfering your cost savings to you customers?

  8. Emil says:

    We may indeed Rafael :)

  9. Chaya Buffkin says:

    Wish the cloud would auto categorize your music into folders

  10. Mauro Vandell says:

    You should have read the whole article before posting.

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