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Pagelime Community Bug Fix Reachout.

Hey everyone! Right now we’re working on 2 bugs that have recently popped up. We are looking for community feedback to help work through these issues.

The first bug is occurs where sites that had been working suddenly stop working (or never work in the first place). We’ve narrowed it down to a specific issue. Somewhere in the last 3 weeks many server hosts have upgraded their FTP servers to¬†220 ProFTPD 1.3.2 Server. To confirm you are experiencing this specific bug, click “Browse” in the site settings and then the log should look like this


It appears to be primarily with IX Webhosting, but ProFTPD is a common component of many hosts. If you could please leave a comment with the domain that is failing, and where you host your sites (Host Gator, Media Temple, etc). We’re actively working on rolling out a fix for this ASAP.

The second is a bug with our iPhone app on original iPhone 3G phones. It appears like the app loads quickly, then crashes immediately. We’re looking for people with iPhone 3G’s (NOT 3GS) to help us beta test a fix before our next release.

Thanks! We’re always trying to get everything fixed as fast as possible. Happy New Year everyone! Go get some more clients!

6 Responses to “Pagelime Community Bug Fix Reachout.”

  1. Windee says:

    Yep! Experiencing bug #1 and I have IX Webhosting.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Jody says:

    Just a quick FYI, on your demo video I’m getting audio but no video. Running latest Firefox on Mac w/ Snow Leopard.

  3. Emil says:

    Thanks Jody – I’ll look into it.

  4. Jalokim says:

    I want to add a new website to pagelime but it doesn’t accept my ftp details.
    I’m certain that I’m typing it in correctly.

    its a polish server though. hosted on
    the website:

    If I could get the site plugged to pagelime that would be great

  5. Emil says:

    Shoot an email over to support and we’ll check it out.

  6. mail says:

    Appreciate other sorts of educational site. Exactly where otherwise might I get that will form of info coded in this type of great manner? I’ve a job that I am merely currently working on, and i have recently been in the view out and about intended for similarly info.

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