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Quick Hit: What do all the Permissions mean?

I received an email this morning from a user asking what all the different permission levels mean. I figured I would take a moment and do a brief explanation: (Note: He’s a business account user and has a few extra permissions)

  • Edit: Make changes to general content from within Pagelime, but no publishing. Basically, it allows this user to create drafts for editorial review.
  • Create: Create new pages based on predefined templates.
  • Publish: Publish changes of any kind to the live server.
  • Templates: Create templates that can be used to create new pages.
  • Code: See the “Edit Code” button in the editor, as well as make and publish direct code changes from within it.
  • Settings: The ability to edit the site settings as well as enable and disable site features.
Hope this helps clear up any questions about this. – Tom
Bonus LIMErick:
Permissions are oh so adorable,
They help keep your designs affordable,
All of the types I have seen,
Keep your sites nice and clean,
When your clients needs are deplorable.