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Pagelime Per Page Permissions!


Pagelime now has Per Page Permissions (and added alliteration!)

This has long been one of the most sought after requests from the Pagelime community. As a Pagelimer you can now limit the pages that your clients can access to on a per user basis.

What this means for your clients:

1. You can stop Jack from changing Jill’s bio to “Second place tumblr” all the time on their About page.

2. You can allow Neo to change Neo’s page as well as Morpheus’ page, but Morpheus’ can only change his own page. Whoa.

3. Lucy can see all the pages on the site and publish them. Charlie can only see his page, and not even publish that. AAUGH.

What this means for you:

1. More power! You now get to play god with your clients, giving them permissions to edit their site as you see fit.

2. More money! You can now charge them for this feature as a line item on your invoices.

3. More control! Get granular baby! If you have a client who has a friend who is always breaking stuff… keep them off the homepage. Or if you hate that client only let them on the homepage. It’s your call!

It’s in Pagelime right now. It’s a Pro only feature (aka. give us some of your green!). We know you will love it.

- The Lime Guys

Quick tutorial:

1.  Make sure you enable “Per Page Permissions” in the features of the site you want to use.

2.  Add some pages to the site map either by using “Site Pages” or just browsing to them via your websites internal navigation

3.  Browse to the user you want to enable permissions for in the “Users and Permissions” section then click on the “Permissions” tab.


4.  Click on the plus icon next to the website(s) you’ve enabled the feature on.


5. Click on the checkboxes for the appropriate permissions on the appropriate pages. (If you click the checkboxes inline with the site, it will add or remove all permissions across all pages.


6. Save your changes and you will be all set!

Simple stuff. Just the way we like it around here at Pagelime world HQ.

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3 Responses to “Pagelime Per Page Permissions!”

  1. J Bishop says:

    This is a great feature. However, I have a site with over 100 pages and 30+ teachers. The way it is currently setup I have to enable editing/publishing on the entire site and then individually tick off each page to remove it from the teacher being able to edit it.

    Is there a workaround?


  2. Emil says:

    There is a page properties screen where you can do the setup per-page. Just open the sitemap sidebar or go to the page and look under “options -> page-properties”

    Check that out and let me know.

  3. Mike McLoughlin says:


    I like this feature (essential really) but my users cannot currently CREATE pages from templates. I want them to be able to do this within folders to which I have given them access.

    Is this something coming? It could be a deal breaker for my College, I’m afraid. I could placate them if it is on its way.

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