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Full Page Source Code Backups – Premium Feature

From now on, on Premium Accounts only, Pagelime will back up not just the content history (as we have done so far) but also full page code each time a user publishes a page. We will securely store a copy of the page source code, as it was right before we upload the new version.

So here’s how to use the full code backups:

From the Content History panel, you will be able to navigate to a list of available full page backups:


When you click this link, it will take you to a list of available backups sorted by date:

Click on a backup to pull up the source code as it was right before that publish occurred.

That’s it – no magic.

We securely host all of the backups, they are accessible only by you, and each access request generates an access token that is valid for only a certain short period of time. This way we ensure that all your data is extra secure.