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Pagelime 101: Tips for Repeating Regions

One of our most popular features is the “Repeating Region”. However, it also causes quite a bit of confusion when you’re first starting out. Here are a few tips for getting everything working just like you expect.

#1 – You can make a repeating region editable!
If you place both a “cms-editable” and a “cms-repeat” on a Pagelime-able element,  you will be able to edit and repeat that piece.

Example: <div class="cms-editable cms-repeat" id="textblock1">Pagelime rocks multiple times</div>


#2 – Apply your styles to a class.
When we repeat a region, we need to place a new unique ID on it so that Pagelime can also target that element for editing. Because of this, any styles that you would like to see repeat, need to be attached to classes. We bring all the classes to the newly created element after a repeat action has occured

Example: <div class="thiswillbesaved blue cms-repeat" id="thiswillbechanged">Pagelime rocks multiple times</div>

#3 – Wrap everything completely
If you want to repeat a table, image, or create blog-like functionality wrap everything. Don’t do multiple repeating regions. Just take the whole set of elements wrap them in a div or span and place the editable classes on that. Feel free to make as many editable regions within there as well, but make sure to keep rule #2 in mind.

<div class="cms-repeat" id="whatever">
<p class="cms-editable" id="title">I change my mind:</p>

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