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Pagelime grew by 90% in 2011

We’ve almost doubled in size in 2011. Thanks everyone! It’s been a great year… now everyone go and upgrade to a Pro account so we can afford all the servers! Seriously though… we’re going to take this success and turn it into limeade! We’re working hard to release some great new features and products, including our Heroku Plugin and the long awaited Blog Module. We’re also looking to grow the team, so if you know any Web Developers (could it be you!?) that are looking to join our rag tag team at Pagelime and help us with building the product, managing customer relationships, and executing some smooth marketing – send em on over to contact[at]

6 Responses to “Pagelime grew by 90% in 2011”

  1. Greg says:

    Any timeframe on the release of the blog module? Days? Weeks? Months???

  2. Rob says:

    That’s brilliant to hear guys, looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2012!

  3. Shajedul says:

    Well, i am appreciate this post. But is that some kind of boat? I am really not like boat or anything like that. The boat system can’t get real visitor. But some boat system is different & i think maybe they can get real visitor. Don’t how i can understood it.

  4. darren says:

    Thats great guys, i’ve been a Pagelime customer now for over a year and i must say i haven’t really seen much change in that time. it would be great if you guys could step up the features which can be found in pagelime. Focusing on things image galleries and single sign on ability.

    Don’t get me wrong love the product, just think things don’t happen particularly quick i’ll recheck out the user forums and get my thinking cap on and let you guys know what features i think would be a great addition.

  5. Martha says:

    We’re really looking forward to the blog module, we have several clients who would love it!

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